Collecting at the airport

Flights low cost

Example of flights if you buy them with 30 days in advance.




*Prices of flights are not included on the price of the pack, therefore, you will buy your tickets, that´s only a recommendation to get Low Cost tickets.(low cost 46,88 €/pounds way and return)

Friday night

Paradise VIP bracelet

Entrance to some pubs with drinks «La Noche Madrileña – Madrid´s Night».

You will receive a wristband to make a Pubs – Route. Don´t sleepless too much, tomorrow we have a looooooong day.

Paradise VIP bracelet


Vip table with a bottle for each 5 people. Be carefull, tomorrow we will pick you up early =D


Your Hotel will be close to the center of Madrid, if at the moment of the book is available that one will be your hotel option:


Transfer from hotel to our ranch 12:00

Are you ready for the Best Bachelor Party ever? Well, here it goes the resume of your Saturday. We will pick you up at your Hotel, then we will drive 30 minutes to our place.

Karting 13:00

OMG, we start hard! Put your helmet and we go!! Competitions Karts and 1025 meters to run.

Paella 15:00

Paella and……….1 hour ilimited of «Cerveza and Sangría»

We also have alergic,vegetarians and vegan menus.

Gymkhana 18:00

Cuando sea vuestro turno, os llamaremos por megafonía y, durante 1 hora, uno de nuestros animadores os pondrá al límite (de un ataque de risa) con 4 pruebas divertidísimas en las que competiréis por equipos:

– Tiro al huevo

– Soga-Tira

– Record Saltarín

– Carreras de sacos

Don´t make questions…. just see the video and enjoy

Music In Live and Drinks

Our prices:

2€ «Cerveza» WTF???

Haga clic aquí para saber más

¡Ooooolé! In our bullring, you all will enjoy with our friends the «vaquillas – toros – Muu 🐂 «. No worries, we won´t drop you up without without drinking 🤩, we will have prepared «tapas» and «cerveza» for you  during one hour Not Limit

Barbacue and ALL INCLUDED 22:00

Salad, barbacue, desert and….. 1 hour ilimited of «Cerveza and Sangría» WTF – Who wants water??

Disco and one drink included 00:00 - 06:00

Here you have two options, carry on the day with us and the rest of the Spanish Bacherlor´s parties otherwise, we will take you to the hotel and you decide if you wanna continue the party for your own.

Hotel and breakfast

At 06:00 its time to rest, then we will breakfast at 12:00 and we will move to: (2 options)

  1. City Center: We could go to Madrid and then have free time before to go to the airport, our guide will finish here and you should get the airport from your own the same day or the next day  (Shuttle just 5€ person)
  2. Direct to the Airport: We will take you to the airport from our Hotel´s Ranch to take your flight where also our guide will finish here looking forward to see you in Spain again.

Resume of your plan

With this Plan IFN 1 will enjoy of an unforgettable weekend in Madrid: Included: 

Personal Assistance whole weekend.
Hotel on Friday on the City Center
Paradise VIP Bracelet to enjoy Madrid´s night
Karting with competitions karts.
Paella wine and beer ilimited during the lunch 
Direct music and can of beer 2€
Gymkhana joining with the rest of bachelor parties
Capea – Bullrunning wine, beer and tapas ilimited during the capea
Barbecue wine and beer ilimited during the dinner
Disco and music

  • Until 03 am (October to March)
  • Until 06 am (April to September)

Saturday Hotel with breakfast
Transfers included during the whole trip 
Free cancellation


Aditional Information

Free with your plan

You don´t have to be worried about dressing up the same. We will give you all a headkerchief and a T-shirt for all the assistants coming to the bachelor, even for the promised like the pictures. 15 days before we will ask to you about the size of the T-shirts. 

Booking and Free Cancellation

To book we put you easy. Just we ask 100€ as deposit. Also easy for Free Cancellation just in case occurs any problem:

One month before possible total cancellation, you will receive back the total amount of the deposit.

15 days before if any person unsubscribes, final payment could be adapted.

The rest of payment should be paid maximum 15 days before of the bachelor´s date.




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